Triple-O comes with a way to maniplate just about any parameter in an Openstack Deployment. This is done by passing enviroment templates into the deployment. Below are a few exmaples of deployment modifications I have made to suit my enviroment.

Adding Domain support to Keystone

The default keystone options can be modified to support domains. Below is the example I used to enable domain support. You can copy this template into your deployment if you require domain support.

    horizon:keystone_multidomain_support: True (1)
    keystone::using_domain_config: true (2)
      identity/domain_configurations_from_database: (3)
        value: false
      identity/default_domain_id: (4)
        value: default
      identity/driver: (5)
        value: sql
1 This enables domain support on the horizon dashboard
2 This parameter is to enable domain support in keystone
3 I do not store the domain configuration in the database, so I set this to false
4 This option allows you to modify what the default domain is, if one is not specified
5 Because I am using the ldap driver for my domain, I set this parameter to sql so the serivce accounts for Openstack remain in the database