21 Jan 2017

Openstack is up and running. This month has been fully of testing, trial and error. I now think I have a pretty solid platform to work from. This instance will be up for the forseeable future.

27 Dec 2016

The bad news is I have taken Openshift back offline while I am waiting for required features from the upstream community. Mainly dynamic provision from Ceph.

The good news is I have Openstack back up and running, and I am hoping to have it available by the end of 2016.

17 Dec 2016

I currently have Openshift available for public use. If you are interested, please see here. http://fortnebula.com/openshift-available/

28 Sep 2016

Currently the entire lab is under development while I find the platform I should run it all on.

There are really only a couple choices.

oVirt – This is a great community of people and this software package has come a long way. It’s to the point now where I am excited to see what they come up with next.

RDO – This is another great community of people. Openstack is great if you have enough gear to build a whole cloud (I am one server away), but I kinda need some advanced features like power management, and better handling of block storage.

Openshift – This community is driving ahead at light speed, and I think it would be fantastic to put it on bare metal and push it to it’s limits.

If you have some input, please comment.